Against Stubborn Stains
HygienFresh has a solution to every problem of dirt and has studied specific products to remove any kind of stain
  • Enzymatic Wash

    Enzymatic Wash

    The enzymes act in synergy against the most difficult protein and starch stains. Additional surfactants work to remove fatty/oil stains. The result is active detergents that combats all kinds of stains
  • Prezym


    Professional enzymatic pre-spotting agent for wide range of stubborn protein, starch and fatty stains. Available in 750ml bottle with trigger sprayer and in a counter display with 12x60ml bottles and 5Lt jerrycans
  • Dry Spot

    Dry Spot

    It is a spotting agent to easily remove all kind of stains without washing garments. It doesn't leave halos, it is ideal for travellers and it has a new technology with regular and steady spray
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