Enzymatic Wash
Active detergets with surfactants and enzymes that work to remove all kinds of stains

PROTEASE - These enzymes remove protein stains.
Active on: Blood, chocolate, sauces, food stains, eggs, milk, ice-cream etc...

AMYLASE - These enzymes remove starch stain.
Active on: Rice, baby food, grass, chocolate, potatoes etc...

SURFACTANTS - They dissolve and remove fatty stains.
Active on: Oil, food fat, soil, oil for engine, tar, wax etc...

Enzima A39-505N


ENZIMA is a highly concentrated enzymatic liquid deodetergent with a pleasant “Fleur de Lotus” fragrance , active at 30°C and above. It is an optimal removal of protein and starch based stains but delicate on colours and textiles.


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