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HOME CARE | Floor detergents + Air essences

When we come back home or we have guests we always want our home to appear harmonious, clean and… scented!
To create these sensations it is not always enough to keep the room tidy, or to frequently clean domestic fabrics… it is also important to be able to choose good household products that can clean thoroughly and infuse the air with a long-lasting scent that does not vanish in a few minutes!

HygienFresh has created the perfect detergent for this daily activity…
combining it with a special multifunctional essence:

Floor and Surfaces Gel Detergent and Extra Perfume Air Essence!

Both products are enriched with special Microcapsules that gradually disperse the scent, thus guaranteeing an incomparable olfactory perception of the space!

But let’s discover the characteristics of these fantastic products in detail!

HygienFresh® Floors & Surfaces

Professional scented neural detergent to clean floors and surfaces. Available in 4 delightful fragrances: White Musk, Gold & Argan, Passion Fruit and the new delicate Clean Sense perfume.

The advantages of this innovative formula are:
• High concentration of active ingredient for a super degreasing effect
• Neutral pH, compatible with all kinds of floors
• Intense and long-lasting fragrance
• Hygienising
• You don’t need to rinse
• 2 caps are enough for a thorough cleanliness and a long-lasting scent

Directions for use and quantity:
Put the product directly in a bucket full of warm water. 2-3 caps of product per 5 Litres of water are enough to clean the floor thoroughly.

HygienFresh® Air Essence

Multifunctional scented Air Essence: it perfumes, eliminates odours, cleans and captures dust. Ideal to eliminate dust and increase the scent of floor detergents.
Available in 4 delightful fragrances matching the floor and surfaces detergents: White Musk, Gold & Argan, Passion Fruit and the new delicate Clean Sense fragrance.

The advantages of this innovative formula are:
• 4 actions in a single product: it perfumes, eliminates odours, cleans and captures dust
• Ideal both for small places and big rooms
• It cleans, removes dust and enhances the cleaning and perfuming action of floor detergents
• Elegant and long-lasting fragrances
• High concentration of scented essences
• A spurt is enough for a long-lasting fragrance

Directions for use and quantity:
A spurt is enough to fill the home with perfume. Use it also in the humidifier or on the filter of the vacuum cleaner.
To eliminate bad smells you can use it in the corners of your home, in the dustbin, in the bathroom, after frying food or where there is smoke smell or others.
To increase the cleaning and hygienising power and the perfume of floor detergents, spray it twice or three times in a 5-litre bucket.
To eliminate dust, spray it once or twice on a cloth and rub it on surfaces.

Choose your favourite fragrance and pamper yourself with HygienFresh products!

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