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Tuesday, 12 March 2019 10:21

SFELTRIX The additive to prevent wool felting

It is a pleasure to wear soft and comfortable garments when outside there is the fresh crisp winter air.
But some woollen garments when they have been wash become little bit felted, can cause skin irritation. There is always a remedy!

 It is sufficient to use the right product!

Washing and drying are the main causes of wool felting of our favourite woollen and cotton garments: a wrong wash program or a drying with too higher temperature can damage fibres.

To prevent is always the best solution but there are some secrets to recover damaged garments and make them new again!

HygienFresh has invested a lot in the R&D to create the perfect product for both purposes:
to prevent wool felting and to recover damaged fibres!

The additive to prevent wool felting

Special silk protein based additive which protects wool garments and prevents wool felting. It can nourish, preserve and protect wool, silk and delicate garments.

Garments treated with Sfeltrix have a soft and incomparable touch.
Silk proteins work even on cotton!

Use SFELTRIX along with the detergent Hygienfresh DELICATI & LANA!
Used together t it can prevent wool felting, by creating a protective layer on the fibres.
Used in every wash it maintains the original fibres’ strength and gives a pleasant long lasting rose fragrance!

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