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Tuesday, 09 July 2019 08:01

ENZYMATIC DETERGENTS - The power of enzymes

The selection of enzymatic laundry detergents that HygienFresh proposes owes its success to an extremely effective formula: the enzymes contained are active against all kinds of stains also at low temperatures, since they act synergistically against dirt and the most difficult stains.

They are more effective than common detergents, because enzymes act quickly by degrading even the most stubborn stains such as: grease, oil, food, ink and all kinds of dirt in general.

To achieve the desired results, you just have to add the detergent in the compartment of the washing machine when the machine is completely full, but if you prefer, you can use it also to wash by hand!

Let’s analyse these high-performing molecules more thoroughly:

  PROTEASES - These enzymes eliminate proteic stains.
Active on: blood, chocolate, sauces, food stains, eggs, milk, ice cream, etc...

AMYLASES - These enzymes eliminate starch stains.
Active on: rice, baby food, grass, chocolate, potatoes, etc...

SURFACTANTS – They eliminate grease stains.
Active on: cooking oil, fatty food, soil, motor oil, tar, wax, etc...

The combination of these 3 elements makes these detergents super effective against all kinds of stains but HygienFresh couldn’t help enriching their formula with intense and long-lasting fragrances!

Find out more about HygienFresh enzymatic detergents

And for an extremely soft and scented laundry combine the detergents with the softeners and essences with the same fragrance!
HygienFresh products will become indispensable for your laundry!

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