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TINTOLAV - Research & Development


Tintolav srl, was born more than 50 years ago, it is a firm reality which produces, develops and distributes products with its own brand.
Our experience, always in evolution and growth, brings our company to be always updated with clients demands.


Our sales experts will advise you and guide you towards the right choices in order to promote your own business.

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Our Research & Development office is always updated with market news, suggesting innovative products and with high technical value.

Our technicians will help you to solve problems with the right products and they will study the right solutions.


Our quality control office manage all the processes, from raw material control to client assistance.

We control every row material in entry and our products in exit.

We do AUDIT in our providers firms in order to guarantee you always an HIGH QUALITY product.



Tintolav has at its disposal a rich laboratory that supports the research and development office and the quality control department.

Tintolav laboratory has reagents and raw materials for control and products development.
Moreover it has heater, cold incubators, pH tests and different instruments to simulate the degradation of products during time.

The laboratory tests all the products on certified stains in order to certify their quality.
We realize wash tests on specific certified stains that simulate the different stains.
We make these tests in order to have objective and reliable results.

Into the laboratory Tintolav we realize...

Research and development of new formulas
 Product-garment compatibility tests
Products stability tests
Wash simulation
Products efficacy tests
Fragrances persistence and “pannel” tests
Raw materials control in entrance
Production lots control in exit
Development of formulas with client's private labels
And much more...

Tintolav put his experts and technicians at your disposal to solve all the problems.

Always available for any  contact and explanation.

Our priority is you!!!

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