ISO 9001:2015

Certificazione di Qualità

Tintolav s.r.l. obtained a “Total Quality Management System” according to ISO 9001:2015

Quality Policy

Tintolav s.r.l. wants to enhance its presence on the internal market, by the reaching of important goals such as the strength of its image, the excellent market knowledge, the awareness that quality includes, as well as the ability to reach customer satisfaction and loyalty, above all the capacity to propose products which can satisfy the market, not only the Italian market, but also, especially, the foreign market.

The main activities are:

  • 1. Research, development and production of chemical products, also under the customer's brand name, for cleaning, maintenance and fragrancing for the private, industrial and laundry sectors.
    2. Marketing of specialised cleaning and perfuming products, equipment and accessories for the private, industrial and laundry sectors.
    3. Research, development and own-brand marketing of biocides for the private, industrial and laundry sectors.

To establish its policy Tintolav s.r.l. has considered:

  • the continuous research of the entire fulfilment of clients explicit and implicit requirements, of binding requirements and the ones set by the company on its own;
  • the continuous improvement of its processes throughout activities based on the identification and measurements of the processes themselves;
  • risk and opportunities analysis;
  • the expected and desired client level satisfaction;
  • personal demands and expectations;
  • the providers potential contributions.

The priority and steady commitment of Tintolav s.r.l. is to provide a product which meets market demands, qualitatively highin accordance with the regulationsand client requirements.

The company commits to provide a valid customer support throughout its distributors, social media and internet channel which, with their valuable information, allow the company to better satisfy clients demands.
Tintolav s.r.l. commits to project and develop new products, in line with market, developments and market innovations. They are realised and thought to meet clients requirements and to anticipate their expectations by providing solutions which are able to create a value for the customer.
Tintolav s.r.l. commits to maintain a high standard of its products and to guarantee the compliance of products requirements, in conformity with what it declares in its leaflets and catalogues.
Tintolav s.r.l. commits to carry out a product evolution by assuring simultaneously the maintenance and improvement of the high reliability level achieved to date and appreciated by the Client.
Tintolav s.r.l., moreover, commits to maintain a transparency policy, so for this reason it has developed a continuously updated website which allows the interested parties to see product characteristics whenever they want and under complete autonomy, by giving also the opportunity to the clients to download indipendentely safety and technical product data-sheets.

Tintolav s.r.l. essential requirements are: to provide efficient and effective products in terms of timeliness, price and delivery time.

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