Deep hygiene for launderettes and traditional laundries

Certisan C A48-200N

Hygienising additive


Professional laundry hygienising additive compatible with all wash cycles and all fabric types.

  • Complete hygienising action
  • Composition using the latest generation of chemical compounds
  • Double active compounds base on oxygen and peracetic acid for a complete action
  • Effective on stubborn stains (also on chlorhexidine stains)
  • Long lasting hygienising effect
  • Developed for both traditional laundries and self-service laundries



Add Certisan C to the pre-wash and/or the main wash cycle according to the indicated doses. It is recommended to delay the
entry of Certisan A (detergent) during the wash cycle to increase the effectiveness of Certisan C. For an extra hygienic and
effective result, extend the standard washing cycle by a minimum of 20%
aqua, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, peroxyacetic acid.
Hygienising additive