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Oxon A48-500Dx12

Oxygen based stain remover


Latest generation additive to pre-wash whites and colours. Bleaching and spotting additive, already active at 20°.

  • It effectively eliminates stubborn stains.
  • Bleacher active at cold temperatures. It guarantees an excellent white degree.
  • It makes coloured garments brilliant
  • It higinises already at low temperatures
  • It doesn’t damage fibres even the more delicate ones.
  • It can be used directly on garments as pre-spotter. It is very efficient on mould stains.



Apply the product pure directly onto the stain or add it into the detergent compartment along with the usual detergent. You can use it in the pre-washing also both on natural and synthetic garments.
aqua, phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid, disodium etidronate, alcohol, heptasodium trihydrogen[[bis[2- [bis(phosphonatomethyl)amino]ethyl] amino]methyl] phosphonate, xanthan gum, lactic acid xanthan gum.
Oxygen based stain remover
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