Shoes & Bags A70-090DU

Foam cleaner


Voluminous foam in spray that cleanses and polishes leather, eco-leather and other garments.
It can be used also for shoes, bags, car seats, sofas, boots e etc.

  • Ideal to clean leather, eco-leather, nylon, vinile, technical garments, canvas sport shoes etc.
  • Excellent clean and polishing of the affected area
  • Pleasant lemon fragrance
  • Voluminous foam: it helps to clean vertical parts



Shake well before use and spray evenly at a distance of 20-25 cm.
Apply the foam directly on the affected area or spray on a dry cloth and apply on the surface.
Wipe the cloth on the area and extend the foam with circular motions until the foam disappears. Then leave dry.
Do not use on nubuk and suede. Test the product on a hidden part before using it.
Aqua, butane, isobutane, propane, disodium tetrapropenyl succinate, myristamine oxide, parfum
Foam cleaner