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Tuesday, 04 July 2023 09:01

Bright white with HygienFresh

The complete solution for impeccable whites and bright furnishing fabrics

Keeping white garments and furnishing fabrics bright has never been so easy! HygienFresh offers a complete solution for washing white garments that can remove stains, whiten and hygienise already at low temperatures. By washing clothes with White Xtra detergent and Oxon additive, you can obtain exceptional results from the first use.


Try HygienFresh winning formula for taking care of white fabrics

Stain removal, fibre whitening and odour elimination

White Xtra is a specific detergent for white garments. With its advanced formula enriched with optical brighteners, enzymes and anti-greying polymers, this enzymatic detergent offers really exceptional results. Its high concentration of surfactants allows a deep cleaning, whereas the enzymatic system can eliminate even the most difficult stains. Bleaching agents and optical brighteners give extra brightness to white clothes and special anti-greying polymers ensure a constant degree of white as time goes by. White Xtra is perfect for home use, but it’s also the ideal choice for professional laundries looking for an effective and high quality product.

Whitening, hygienising, stain-removing and colour-reviving

Oxon is a new generation whitening, stain-removing and hygienising additive for prewashing both natural and synthetic, white and colourful fabrics. This additive can effectively eliminate also stubborn stains, thus ensuring a high degree of brightness for garments. This is possible thanks to its special oxidising molecules that are active already at 20°, restore fibres to their original white and also make colourful clothes bright again. Moreover, Oxon hygienises fabrics also with cold water, thus ensuring effective cleaning without damaging fibres, even the most delicate ones. Another interesting characteristic of Oxon is its versatility. It can be used as a pre-spotter directly on garments and it has proved super effective against mould stains and other types of stains that are difficult to remove.

Directions for use

Add the suggested amount of White Xtra and Oxon in the detergent compartment of the washing machine and start the washing cycle. It is advisable to choose the standard programme for white garments at 40°-60° but these products are active already at 20°.

The quantity of product to use depends on water hardness and the degree of dirt on clothes. In general, if we consider medium hard water and garments that are not excessively soiled, we recommend the following doses for 4-5 kg of textiles (check the capacity of your washing machine):

  • 1 cap and a half of White Extra (approximately 45ml)
  • 1 cap of Oxon (approximately 30ml)

Oxon can be used also as a pre-spotter by directly applying it on the stain and then putting the garment in the washing machine.

White Xtra can be used also when washing by hand by adding 5ml of product per litre of water (for example 1 cap in a basin with 6 litres of water).

The perfect couple for a bright white

The combined use of White Xtra detergent and Oxon additive ensures impeccable hygiene and an exceptional brilliance from the first wash. These two professional products work in synergy to offer excellent results when washing and taking care of clothes. With HygienFresh professional products you can reach a level of cleanliness, whitening and stain removal that goes beyond all expectations.

Home use and professional use

White Xtra and Oxon are available in various practical sizes for both domestic and professional use. For everyday laundry, you can use the 1-litre bottle. Instead if you run a laundry shop or a launderette, 20 kg and 10 kg sizes offer the perfect solution whether you use a standard washing machine or connect the jerrycans to an automatic dosage system.

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