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Monday, 11 September 2023 13:20

HygienFresh starches

How to give garments and furnishing fabrics a flawless look without effort

Garments and linen we frequently wash, such as daily clothes, towels and bed linen, need special treatments to keep their beauty and freshness wash after wash. In the same way, furnishing fabrics, such as curtains, table cloths and upholstery of sofas or armchairs, need specific treatments to preserve their appearance over time.

To give all fabrics a flawless appearance, ironing has a key role. Thanks to this phase you can give the garments an orderly look, free of wrinkles and folds, ensuring elegance and freshness that are reflected on the person wearing them or on the decor of the house.

HygienFresh has created 3 rich professional formulas, able to enhance the natural characteristics of the fabrics and make the ironing easier.


Starching agent for curtains

Renova is a liquid concentrated starching agent based on synthetic resins. It is perfect to renew curtains and shirts. It restructures garments hardening them and put flesh on fibres, makes the ironing easier, avoids yellowing and increases the white degree keeping the fabrics bright and fresh over time. Another highlight of the product Renova is its anti-odour action, that eliminates and protects against bad smells while releasing an intense long-lasting scent on the garments.

How to use:
Renova can be used both hand wash and in the washing machine.

Use in the washing machine: Dose in the last rinse 10-15 ml /kg of dry garments. For an extra starching effect reach up to 25 ml/kg of dry garments. For a better efficiency set the final drying at a maximum of 800 rpm and do not load the washing machine more than 50% of its maximum charge.
Use to soak: Dose 60 ml of product per 5 litres of water. Leave garments to soak for 10 minutes before leave them dry in the air. The starching action happens even without ironing. If you decide to iron you give an extra effect.

Packaging: 1lt bottle


Sizing agent for shirts

Shirt Conditioner is part of the Wet & Fresh Cleaning line, with a specific formula that allows to wash delicate garments in water without damaging them. Its strong starching action gives shirt a perfect look, bright colours and a long lasting fragrance. This sizing agent is particularly appreciated for its capacity of reducing the wrinkles at the end of the wash and make the ironing easier, making the ironing process faster and smoother, both with iron, steam mannequin or the ironer.

How to use:
To use in the washing machine set the centrifuge to low revolutions (max 800 RPM) and dose 5ml of product per kg of dry garment, inserting the product in the softener compartment. For an extra starching effect dose 10ml per kg of garment. To use soak dose 60ml in 5 litres of water.
For a light sizing: Leave the garment dry at room temperature and iron with a low temperature;

For a strong sizing: Slightly dry with the dryer and iron with iron or with steam shirt finisher or mangle with a medium-high temperature (ensure that the temperature is compatible with the garment fibre)

Packaging: 10kg can


Scented Starch Spray

Deopret is a super concentrated starch spray with a double action:  it starches and perfume the garment. Its professional formula is ideal to reduce problems of brightness on dark garments and give to garments a special fresh laundry fragrance. Moreover, thanks to its new formula "easy ironing", it makes ironing easier.

How to use:
Shake well before use and spray evenly at a distance of 20-25 cm and iron normally. We suggest to iron dark garments to the reverse.

Packaging: 500ml spray


With HygienFresh starches taking care of the fabrics and ironing them properly becomes a pleasure!

Thanks to the liquid formulas and to the starch spray your garments will look always will always be per-fectly cared for without fatigue.

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