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Wednesday, 05 July 2023 09:30

OMNIPARFUM The HygienFresh multi-function essences

Versatility and practicality in one scented product for garments, air and surfaces

In the landscape of multi-function products, the Omniparfum stand out for the promise of uncompromising practicality. With its innovative range of Multi-function essences, HygienFresh has set itself the goal of simplifying the life of lovers of clean scented, proposing a concentrated essence suitable for multiple functions.


The multi-function essences Omniparfum represent an innovative and comfortable solution for the fragrance of environments, fabrics and surfaces. Thanks to their versatile formula a single product can be used for different purposes. This feature significantly reduces the quantity of products we have to buy and store, simplifying our daily routine and freeing space in our pantries.


2 caps in the softener compartment

With the multi-function essences Omniparfum it is no longer necessary to have a specific product for the fragrance of fabrics. It is sufficient to add it in the softener compartment to obtain a fresh and fragrant laundry: a pleasant and lasting olfactory experience. Omniparfum adapts to any type of fabric, simplifying the care of all household linen.


In the spray bottle (1 cap in ½ litre of water)
A few drops in the humidifier (mixed with water)

With the multi-function essences Omniparfum is possible to create your own air essence, diluting the product in a spray or adding a few drops in the humidifier. Whether it’s the home or the work environment, Omniparfum perfectly adapts to the different needs of fragrance, offering a practical and versatile alternative to traditional diffusers.


1 cap in the bucket (5 litres of water)

The multi-function essences Omniparfum intensify the fragrance effect of floor cleaners: added in the bucket together with the detergent, you get a result that goes beyond simple cleaning, leaving a pleasant and lasting fragrance on the treated surface. In this way, rooms will remain fragrant for a longer period, helping to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere


A fundamental element which distinguishes the multi-function essences Omniparfum is their quality Made in Italy. HygienFresh attaches great importance to the selection of ingredients, using only high quality raw materials and following strict production standards. This commitment to excellence is reflected in the range of unique fragrances which Omniparfum offers. A reliable and satisfying choice for perfume lovers.


The multi-function essences Omniparfum are available in 2 intriguing scents: Marine and Exense.
These enchanting fragrances capture the essence of the sea and flowers, adapting to all tastes. Choosing one of these fragrances means embracing a unique and fascinating sensory experience: whether you are an adventurous soul or a delicate aesthete the Omniparfum fragrances create a perfect combination of elegance and personality.

Omniparfum MARINE

The Marine fragrance takes us on a sensory journey to the ocean. Its refreshing and citrus scent, enriched with delicate amber notes, evokes the dynamic energy of the sea. Those who choose the Marine fragrance will feel enveloped by a lively and adventurous atmosphere, in which the sea breeze infuses vitality. It is like a wave of freshness that enchants and gives a contagious joy of life.

Omniparfum EXENSE

The Exense fragrance enchants with a delicate floral fragrance that evokes a sense of elegance and refinement. Floral notes blend harmoniously, creating a serene and sweet atmosphere. Those who choose this fragrance stands out for its romantic and sophisticated nature, with a unique sensitivity and a deep connection with the beauty of nature. It is like a fragrant poem, an experience of delicacy and timeless beauty.

The multi-function essences Omniparfum represent a real revolution in practicality. Thanks to their versatility, a single product can meet the different needs of fragrance of fabrics, environments and surfaces, eliminating the need to buy and store numerous specific products.

Choosing Omniparfum means embracing practicality without sacrificing the quality and pleasure of a fragrant atmosphere.

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