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Friday, 24 November 2023 15:14

Evolution in the laundry world

Multisol: the micellar degreaser that removes the most stubborn dirt

In the world of professional textile hygiene, the evolution consists in obtaining impeccable results while respecting the environment. In this perspective, it is fundamental to use a detergent that is effective, versatile and sustainable at the same time. HygienFresh® Multisol is the answer to all these needs, since it ensures impeccable hygiene and high-level performances in every context.



Multisol is a multi-enzymatic detergent with micellar degreaser enriched with solvents of natural origin: it effectively removes the most stubborn dirt and acts in depth without compromising the quality of fabrics. Moreover, it always ensures flawless results and a sensation of incomparable freshness.

Available sizes: 10kg + 20kg


The synergic action of four enzymes (protease, amylase, cellulase and lipase) allows Multisol to deeply penetrate in textile fibres, specifically treat each kind of stain and guarantee a thorough stain-removal with a wide spectrum of action. This ensures the removal of the most stubborn stains and also neutralises odours, while hyigienising garments and giving them a fresh citrusy scent.

  • Protease: This enzyme is specialised in breaking the proteins contained in blood, sauce, egg, milk stains, etc. It’s fundamental to effectively remove stains, even the most stubborn ones of organic origin.
  • Amylase: The presence of starch is common in stains of food like rice, baby food, grass, etc. Amylase acts to disintegrate and effectively remove these stains, even when they’re dry or trapped in the fibres.
  • Lipase: Grease and oil stains are challenging, but lipase is the perfect enzyme to face this type of dirt. It breaks the links in grease molecules and eliminates them quickly and effectively.
  • Cellulase: Natural fibres may accumulate cellulose after being used for some time and this leads to knots and opacity on the garments. This enzyme eliminates them, renews the fabric and revives colours.


In the laundry sector it is fundamental to combine energy saving and respect for the environment, without giving up satisfactory performances, to professionally take care of fabrics. HygienFresh® Multisol embraces this philosophy by using an innovative washing system that combines excellent performances and energy saving: the Energy Saver System.

It is a real innovation in this sector, since it allows to get good results even with cold water. This allows you to significantly save energy and take better care of garments, by maintaining their quality as time goes by. Washing at 20°C does not compromise the effectiveness of the detergent: Multisol eliminates stubborn stains, preserves colours and delicately treats fabrics.


Multisol stands out as a versatile and powerful product, suitable to satisfy the needs of various businesses: it is the perfect ally to remove stains from heavily soiled garments, such as workwear and uniforms, but its versatility makes it particularly useful also in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, since bed sheets and tablecloths of restaurants or hotels require an impeccable cleaning treatment.

Its enzymatic formula is ideal to wash both white and colourful garments. Moreover it is effective on different kinds of fabrics, such as cotton, denim and resistant synthetic materials, without compromising the integrity of fibres. It is not advisable to use it on delicate or woollen clothes.

HygienFresh® Multisol is not only a detergent, but also a trustworthy ally to reach higher levels of hygiene and cleanliness in all washing contexts.
Effectiveness, fabric care and attention to the environment make it a benchmark in the professional laundry world, since it offers excellent results without compromises.

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