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Thursday, 12 October 2023 14:42

DEOMATIC The art of hospitality

Perfume your world with HygienFresh: well-being and feeling of cleanliness

Have you ever desired that your home or your workplace always perfume of freshness, without spraying the products by your self?

HygienFresh has the perfect solution for you: DeoMatic air fresheners, enriched by the innovative OdorBlok Technology. These products, along with the automatic battery powered diffuser will transform your rooms, by creating an atmosphere always pleasant and welcoming.

But their value goes well beyond their practical function. When you enter in a room with the enveloping fragrance of DeoMatic,  there is a sense of well-being that goes beyond the sense of smell. It is an experience that inspires the senses, making the cleanliness and freshness feel almost tangible.

The sense of smell, in fact, plays a fundamental role in the world of cleaning and hygiene. It is a silent but powerful language that communicates confidence and professionalism. DeoMatic with their intense and long lasting fragrances communicate through this essential sense, creating a welcoming atmosphere that envelops you giving the certainty that every detail is taken care of with passion and dedication.

Intense and long lasting fragrances

The three available fragrances, Muschio Bianco, Note di Pulito and Orchidea Selvatica, are among the most  appreciated of the wide range of fragrances offered by HygienFresh. Each fragrance has been carefully created to guarantee an olfactive intense and long lasting experience, transforming your space into a cosy and pleasant place.

Automatic diffuser DeoMatic

To ensure maximum effectiveness of spray refills, it is possible to use the automatic diffuser DeoMatic. Characterized by an elegant and functional shape, this device is designed to perfume the environments consistently and pleasantly. Here you have some of its features:

  • Power switch with LED display for intuitive operation.
  • Adjustable delivery time (7.5/15/30 minutes) to meet your needs
  • 3 stages of setting up (24h, Day, Night) to personalize the diffusion of fragrances.
  • Flashing LED to indicate the status of the device: green for normal operation and red to signal the exhaustion of the spray or battery charging.

OdorBlok Technology: the key to eliminate bad odours

One of the distinctive elements of these diffusers is the cutting-edge OdorBlok technology, designed to eliminate bad odours effectively and efficiently. This means that not only they cover the odours, but they neutralize them completely, assuring fresh and scented environments for a long time.

No test on animals: an ethical commitment

HygienFresh is committed to ensure that its products are ethical and animal-friendly. Any formula is tested on animals, confirming the brand’s commitment to a more compassionate and responsible world.

DeoMatic: versatility and professional quality

The scented HygienFresh universe stands out for its versatility, embracing both the domestic context and the professional environments that want to offer their customers a quality multisensory experience.
In the laundry shops world, places where the art of hygiene is combined with service, HygienFresh products play a primary role: not only are used to guarantee the maximum efficiency in the garments’ treatment, but they are also made available to customers who want to reproduce at home the same feeling of cleanliness and professional freshness.

Among these scented gemstones, stand out the DeoMatic sprays, versatile products able to adapt to any context. It’s here that the concept of versatility blends with the art of scenting spaces. DeoMatic can be placed anywhere we want: in the intimate atmosphere of home, workplace or shops for a truly warm welcome. It’s like diving into a moment of ephemeral magic, where every breath is an invitation to trust in the quality of the service offered.

In this combination of heady fragrances and professional quality made in Italy, HygienFresh DeoMatic are a real jewel in the art of welcoming: the magic of a well-chosen fragrance can transform a simple space into a place where well-being is breathed in the air.

Discover the pleasure of an environment always fresh and fragrant thanks to the HygienFresh DeoMatic

Choose the fragrance that most represents you and turn your world into a pleasant and hospitable place

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