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Monday, 26 October 2020 07:39

Why choose hypoallergenic products?

Choosing laundry products is not always easy for people with allergies, dermatitis or simply a very sensitive skin. In these cases it is advisable to use hypoallergenic products.
Let’s examine this topic!

Residues of laundry detergents and softeners may come into direct contact with our skin, so hypoallergenic options are advisable principally for people with allergies.
The symptoms of an allergy caused by the use of a detergent may be confused with those of a common irritation. Some ingredients in these products sometimes cause an over-stimulation of the immune system in people with allergies. In these cases the body identifies a compound as dangerous and reacts. Even if the substance is actually harmless.

Anyway, besides people with real allergies, others buy these products because they have a sensitive skin or to protect their own children and pets. Laundry detergents often contain various synthetic components that may cause irritations and rashes in people with sensitive skin. Some of these substances penetrate into the fibres when we wash them and come into contact with our epidermis when we wear the clothes. People with a delicate skin may develop an ongoing hypersensitivity, which may evolve into a real allergy. Therefore we suggest that you always rinse clothes thoroughly, to reduce the amount of detergent residues absorbed by garments.

Speaking of potentially allergenic substances, nickel is a very common heavy metal and is one of the most frequent causes of contact dermatitis. Nickel is present in common products such as detergents, beauty creams, coins, earrings, buttons, zips, glasses, belts, hairpins, ink, dentures, etc.
Moreover some substances contained in fragrances may cause problems, too. That’s why they must be indicated on labels.
Phosphates are other components that might cause allergies. They are often used in detergents to compensate water hardness and guarantee better cleanliness.
The choice of not inserting them depends on the intention to offer more sustainable and environmentally-friendly products.

The whole Bioxelle collection contains hypoallergenic and extremely delicate scents that are free from this kind of substances:

all the products have been created specifically to take care of garments and people with sensitive skin or particular allergies.

Bioxelle line includes:

Bianchi & Colorati, professional liquid detergent for both washing machine and hand-washing with an energising mountain musk scent. It ensures impeccable cleanliness.
• Highly concentrated and dermatologically tested scented Softener. It ensures excellent results even with small doses. It combines softness and fabric protection. It makes garments soft and leaves a fresh talc scent.
Coccola Di Talco and Carezza Di Argan sprays with Odour Control Technology against odours and without CFC.

All these products share some important features:
• They have been tested by ISPE Institute under dermatological control.
• They are “Nickel Tested”, certified by the University of Turin.
• They respect the environment, since they are phosphate free.

Take care of your well-being, wash and scent your garments with Bioxelle!

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