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Wednesday, 24 February 2021 09:59

Clean and scented home

Last minute guests?
Discover the HygienFresh secret to have a clean and scented home in a record time and without any waste!

Every one of us has experienced the situation of making his home presentable within such a short period of time, due to sudden visits of friends and relatives!
This can be due to many daily tasks, last-minute escapes or people who invite themselves treacherously, we often have to maintain the household in turbo mode!

For this reason it is important to find the right partners: organization and quality products!
Only in this way you can enjoy your home and have your little time of quiet spending as little time as possible with boring housekeeping!

HygienFresh advice to maintain your home clean and scented in a record time is to focus yourself on three main aspects:


    Collect your thoughts on the elements that catch more your attentions when you enter a room: special furnitures, items, more comfortable corners where people sit etc.
    These will be the areas where we have to focus more for an efficient and aimed cleanliness and perfume.

    It is the time to release the focal points from messy objects: clear the table and kitchen countertop, collect the objects from the floor, clean up libraries and cupboards…
    Now that the visual aspect has already improved, we have to focus ourselves on the emotional aspect.
    Often we underestimate the influence of the olfactory sensations on our mood: surround ourselves with a loved fragrance has the power to relax us and it suddenly conveys serenity.

    HygienFresh air essences combine the scenting action with the detergent action: a spray in the rooms is sufficient for a day long lasting fragrance, moreover they clean surfaces and eliminate dust.
    Sprayed in a bucket, they increase the fragrance and the detergent action of the floor detergents.


    Just one thing to fix miss: floor.
    Even in this case quality of the product used has an important impact on time and job result: use the right detergent allow you to optimize your time, save money and deeply clean starting from the beginning.

    The collection of HygienFresh detergents for floor and surfaces consists of hygienising scented, super concentrated detergents: the gel formula with a high concentration of active has a super degreasing action. Neutral pH makes them suitable to all kind of floors, moreover they do not need rinse.

Rely on made in Italy quality HygienFresh products dedicated to HOME TREATMENT!

PERFUME: Air essences and floor detergents are matched for a more intense and long-lasting fragrance
HYGIENE: The hygienising formulas of Floor and Surfaces detergents guarantee a deep clean professional results since the first use

Discover the complete collection

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