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Wednesday, 19 February 2020 08:54

Perfumed Laundry – Hypnosense Collection

Are you looking for new fragrances for your laundry?
Let yourself be conquered by Hypnosense products: softeners, essences and fabric fresheners with fragrances inspired by the perfumes of Nature!

All Hypnosense products contain high concentrations of essences that, along with microcapsules, ensure soft and perfumed garments for a long time!

Unprecedented results also with small doses.

The four Hypnosense fragrances represent real scented emotions:

A tropical harmony with Passion Fruit perfume

An intriguing scent of magnolia and wild flowers

A fresh exotic breeze with Ylang Ylang blossoms
A warm amber hug with flowers and bark

Thanks to the Ultrascent Complex, a mix of innovative substances carefully studied in Tintolav laboratories, the scent of Hypnosense softeners and laundry essences resists even to high temperature drying cycles.

Take care of your laundry and of your family with Hypnosense delicate and fragrant treats!



Softeners with long-lasting micro-capsuled fragrances that resist to high temperatures for pleasantly scented and soft garments that are also easy to iron. Scented essences for laundry (250ml) and dry cleaning (1lt) enriched with microcapsules. Thanks to their high concentration of perfume and fixing substances, a few drops are enough to obtain an intense and long-lasting perfume that resists to the drying cycle. Fabric-protecting sprays that preserve and refresh garments and home décor fabrics.
• Small amounts of these highly concentrated products are enough to guarantee softness and perfume.
• Cutting-edge micro-capsuled fragrances.
• Formula enriched with fragrance fixatives.
• Active on all fibres.
• Phosphate free.
• They make ironing easier.
• Intense fragrance with microcapsules.
• Enriched with fragrance-fixing agents.
• Professional high concentration of fragrance.
• They make the fabric surface softer.
• Compatible with all types of detergents and softeners.
• They don’t stain fabrics.
• Resistant to the drying cycle.
• Phosphate free.
• Air and fabric fresheners.
• Enchanting and long-lasting fragrances.
• Suitable for all fabrics.
• They don’t stain.
• Thanks to the “Fibre Protection” complex, they protect fabric fibres, even the most delicate ones.
• SALVATEX Technology – They protect and perfume.
• They eliminate odours.
• No tests on animals.
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