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Monday, 20 July 2020 10:40

Miracle – The comfort in the suitcase

Who has never thought that it should be very beautiful to avoid ironing on holidays?
The hot steam, the back pain for your position, stealing time to funny activities and relax...HygienFresh has the perfect solution!

Iron clothes is not the best exciting activity to do...above all when you are on holidays!
But in some cases you can’t avoid doing it, but there is a quick and practical way to stretch your garments without using the iron!

MIRACLE is the spray that eliminates wrinkles and has a stretching action with a White Musk fragrance!

• It acts very quickly, smooths the fabric without iron and perfumes.
• An excellent result is guaranteed: it eliminates wrinkles, and it allows to re-use the clothes already worn.
• The function of fibres stretching along with the antistatic effect makes the clothes look like just washed.
• It is very convenient when travelling because it is small and handy

Its complete formula guarantee a TRIPLE ACTION

1. It quickly stretches wrinkles and allows you not to iron: forget the hassle!
2. It acts as an antistatic on garment fibres, it means that prevents the static build-up caused by the friction.
3. It releases a fresh fragrance thank to its delicate White Musk fragrance.

It is a congenial choice for who travels a lot and doesn’t have to much time but he wants to have a perfect look on every occasion. Its effectiveness and speed will surprise you.
You can play it safe, HygienFresh quality never lets you down!

Shake, spray and after few minutes you will display a perfect look

 How to use:
Hang the shirt or the garment to treat, spray the product onto the wrinkles at a distance of 25 cm and leave for a few minutes. If possible stretch garments by extremes to promote the distension

Its application are various!

Why don’t bring it with you in the gym also? So you can wear perfect clothes after your shower.
To say nothing of how it can be practical for the last touches to a dress before going out or to a nice shirt before a job meeting.


Now that you've found out, don't keep the secret to yourself: spread the word with friends and family!

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