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Tuesday, 11 May 2021 08:53

LAUNDRY– Colour treatment

Take care of your white, black and coloured garments with professional products that can enhance the original bright of your garments!

At least once in a lifetime happened to have an accident with daily laundry to anyone: to forget a red sock when washing white garments, a clear t shirt when washing black garments or simply wash a garment so many times to discolour it.
In some cases it is really difficult to recover damages, but there are some tricks to simplify our domestic life and allow us to keep longer the original garments’ bright!


We present you some HygienFresh® advice for the daily treatment of coloured garments and some practical hints to correct some mistakes often due to hurry or little experience and which can damage our favourite garments!

ABSOLUTE RULE NUMBER 1: Divide your laundry according to the garments’ colour!

It may seem trivial but the main cause of discolouration and colour transfer during wash cycle is just the combination of garments with different colours.

CASE #1 – Dyed or greying whites

After many washes white garments tend to loose their brightness, if it happens to make a mistake and mix them with black or colour garments the disaster is assured! We will have the classical pink shirts or unpleasant greying curtains by showing in public!

“WHITE” LAUNDRY – The good habit

To make your laundry shine we recommend to use, after every wash, a specific detergent to treat white garments which is able to remove stains and bleach at the same time.

WHITE EXTRA HygienFresh®

Enzymatic detergent with optical brighteners, enzymes and anti-greying polymers for the wash and treatment of white garments.

  • High concentration of surfactants to deeply clean
  • Enzymatic system to eliminate the most difficult stains
  • Optical bleachers to make white garments “shine”
  • Special anti-greying polymers to maintain particles in suspension and guarantee a constant white degree over time

CASE #2 – Faded blacks

After many washes black garments tend to fade and loose the intense and deep black note which makes them vivid and shiny.

“DARK” LAUNDRY – The good habit

To always keep black and dark garments shiny we recommend to use a specific detergent every time we do the washing machine. This detergent has to be able to exalt the natural features of these garments.


Liquid detergent for dark garments both for hand wash and machine wash. Specific for black and dark garments, with additives that avoid greying

  • Makes black garments shine
  • Delicate on colours and garments
  • Avoids discolouration and redeposition of non fixed colours
  • Phosphates, silicates and alkalis free
  • Enzymes with an effect which revives the black colour

CASE #3 – Colour transfer

The main problem connected to mix washes of coloured garments is colour transfer from one garment to another one. This could damage the look of our favourite garments in a irreversible way.

“COLOURED” LAUNDRY – The good habit

The main problem connected to mix washes of coloured garments is colour transfer from one garment to another one. This could damage the look of our favourite garments in a irreversible way.


Liquid detergent with an action to “protect colours” for the washing machine and hand wash. It is specific for coloured garments.
It contains additives and polymers which protect colours and avoid colour transfer.

  • It gives colours a particular brightness
  • It is delicate on colours and garments
  • It avoids discolouration and the re-deposition of unfixed colours
  • Phosphates, silicates and alkalis free
  • New and exclusive fragrance


We can find hundreds of DIY tips online to repair the damages caused by a wrong wash, but using fake strategies the risk is always to damage fibres with aggressive products and with an unpleasant odour or not to solve the problem.

To remove stains and deeply sanitize garments and give them their original brightness it is necessary to use a specific additive: we are talking about a product to use along with the detergent and which professional action guarantees targeted and optimal results by remaining delicate on fibres.

OXON HygienFresh®

Latest generation additive to pre-wash whites and colours. Bleaching and spotting additive, already active at 20°.

  • It effectively eliminates stubborn stains.
  • Bleacher active at cold temperatures. It guarantees an excellent white degree.
  • It makes coloured garments brilliant
  • II sanitizes already at low temperatures
  • It doesn’t damage fibres even the more delicate ones.
  • It can be used directly on garments as pre-spotter.
  • It is very efficient on mould stains

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