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Monday, 24 May 2021 07:52

Scented spaces

Spring is the season of perfumes and colours: fresh flowers, the rebirth of nature, birds and butterflies. Why not take some of this wonder also at home and in the workplace?

A pleasant fragrance in the places where we live helps us to feel more at ease in the rooms where we stay every day, whether it’s at home, in the office or on our workplace in general.
In effect a good scent fills and completes spaces just like a nice piece of furniture, a painting or a decorative detail, thus contributing to create the right atmosphere!

HygienFresh helps you with a wide range of colourful and perfumed products.

For the house we suggest our AIR ESSENCES.
Available in 6 fragrances, they are perfect both for small spaces and spacious rooms.
They clean, capture dust and increase the cleansing and scenting power of floor detergents.
Their precious fragrances last for a long time, since they are highly concentrated. A small amount is enough for great results.
They are the best ally for spring cleaning: a fun and effective way to do the chores quickly and cheerfully surrounded by magical perfumes. We actually suggest that you should keep them at hand also in case of unexpected visits: two sprays and your flat will immediately look presentable and neat.
There’s nothing better than being welcomed by a fresh scent of cleanliness!

They could appear similar to DEOCAPS, but the latter actually have different features. These versatile products are suitable for perfuming both spaces and fabrics.
They contain microcapsules that increase the persistence of the essence and make it last for weeks. Moreover the formulas include special surfactants that reduce static electricity on surfaces.
Try and spray them on curtains and sofas and be surprised by the fragrance that emanates when you sit. A similar pleasant sensation is obtained by spraying them in the closet and then wearing the stored clothes after some days. They are effective also as ironing water.
A smart tip: spray them on your suit the day before an important job interview. When wearing it, you’ll diffuse scent (and charm) every step you take. And your mood will improve too.

Instead, if you like small perfumers, you might prefer RATTAN REED DIFFUSERS.
Elegant glass vases with rattan sticks that ensure an enchanting and long-lasting scent. Cheerful, eye-catching and available in 4 irresistible fragrances. They immediately make a sitting room look tasteful and warm, by creating a magical atmosphere to amaze important guests.
They could also be a nice way to pamper yourself: for example to perfume the bathroom before entering the bathtub, to relax by reading a book, to better fall asleep at night, to concentrate when working at home.
A scented room has many potentialities, wellness is easy to reach.
However let’s not forget the classics: our beloved DEODORANT SPRAYS!
Perfumes for fabrics and spaces with an original odour-eliminating formulation available in 12 unique fragrances.
They neutralise unpleasant odours thanks to particular ultra performing components.
Habitual users like spraying them in the kitchen to cover cooking or rubbish odours, but also in other rooms to give them personality with a distinctive aroma.
Nevertheless let’s remember that they have been created specifically also for fabrics and so spray them on cushions, blankets, carpets and clothes in the wardrobe!
You can take the 150 ml size with you in your purse or in your suitcase on holidays.
Last but not least, for wardrobes and drawers the ideal solution is using SCENTED SACHETS. Put them in your survival kit for moving out or transitioning your closet from winter to spring.
You can use SCENTED PLAQUETTES in a similar way, but they are also useful as car deodorants.
A good idea could be inserting one of them in the wrapping of gifts, especially if they are bags, scarves or clothes.

We have given you some ideas, but perfume is a matter of emotions and imagination

Colour your life with HygienFresh fragrances

and if you have any suggestions for an alternative use, do not hesitate to write us. We are always pleased to receive new hints to create and improve!

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